Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chemical Composition of Carbon Steel

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Study Chemical and Biology

Everytime we study biology, we can't independent with chemistry, even we study about body digestive system we must study chemistry. In our body content of chemicals so we must study chemistry to support our knowledge about body chemistry. Every people need chemical knowledge so that you are a lucky man if you study chemistry when you school. When you buy a medicine, you must know the content if you want to safe but not just predict so you acting in wrong way, like you are right but actually you act in the wrong way. For example you are giving a kind of medicine, black carbon for your diarrhea, the weak medicine that don't have side effect to your body. You act safe with not eat this medicine that actually not help anything. Other act a doctor give you a strong medicine with small dosage, you act with your way by eall a huge of medicine because you assume will cure faster, but actually your act can kill you.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013


what is wax, wax usually use in many application like use to covering material from dirt or just to cover from other paint. Wax also use in garment production with the same function as temporary covering to the cloth in order protect from coloring of certain area from dyeing material. Wax also use as lamp such as for candle.

In chemistry wax are esters of fatty acids with alcohols (not glycerol) of high molecular weight. Qualtiy of wax is indicate by Iodine number and these are several kind of wax with their Iodine number:
  1. Sperm Oil :  Iodine Number = 81 - 90
  2. Carnouba wax : Iodine Number = 13
  3. Wood wax : Iodine Number = 30 - 35
  4. Bees wax : Iodine Number = 8
  5. Spermacell : Iodine Number = 0 - 4
  6. Chinese wax : Iodine Number = 0 - 1.4
In the body, waxes occur as cholesterol esters, in which the fatty acid is joined to the alcohol cholesterol.